Can you pass a drug test with a vaporizer

Testing for drugs in companies, firms , sports centers and other workplaces has been a norm over the years and even till date, it is still widely practiced . employees might choose to say it’s an infringement on their privacy while employers would say its organizational policy and as long as you choose to remain on their pay roll, there is need to get it right each time a drug test is called for or any other test for that matter.

Questions have been popping up all over the internet as regards to how a drug test can be passed, certainly by those who truly make use of drugs.

You might think this is not a challenge, probably because your boss doesn’t worry your ass about it. But for employees in the UK and the US, especially those who work for larger corporations, passing a drug test is a big deal. The unfortunate thing about illegal drugs is that if they aren’t illegal there would not have been any fear of having to face a drug test. So far as that drug you consume remains a contraband within you place of work, then you must pass the drug test as often as it is been called for.

The frequently used methods of testing for drugs include the urine testing, hair testing and the blood testing. The hair testing is particularly tricky but it is more sensitive to users of drugs such as cocaine. Marijuana users can pass the hair testing using some prescribed shampoos and because of this, the hair testing methods are not usually employed. Blood testing establishes an exact fact of current drug usage particularly marijuana but do not show past usage like the urine test samples will. Some individuals tends to go the extra mile in using legally prescribed drugs like the profonix (acid reflux) to Passover the urine test. Sometimes they get away with it but with the advent of modern technology, backup test like the GCMS (gas chromatography mass spectrometer), you would need more than that acid reflux to stay safe.

It has been proven that the best and most effective methods of passing a urine test is simply by total abstinence from illegal drugs prior to any upcoming drug test. People who do drugs on a daily basis would certainly take more abstinence time to clean their system than occasional users.

unlike us in the Cannabis Seeds Community. The vaping community have been coming up with articles on ‘using a vaporizer to pass a drug test’. It’s really motivating at first sight but how true can this be? It is obvious that vaporizers helps reduce the effects of smoking by nearly 95% because materials are vaporized rather than been burnt. This is what the vaping community preaches and I could not agree any less. But the fact is that the active ingredients in any material you use whether burnt o vaporized is been released into the blood stream which can be detectable by drug tests.

Since vaporizers cannot help you beat a drug test and complete abstinence from such drug is no option to you then I guess what avails is to prepare very well for the test prior to the proposed date using these guide lines;

Reduce the frequency of your intake of such drug and for nicotine users you can employ a vaporizer and vaporize your nicotine at 0mg.

Engage in frequent work out at the gym, this would help burn fats which is where the ingredients take shelter in the body. This active ingredients as a result of the exercise are forced into the blood steam which would be released via sweat and urine. This process would also make you drink lots of water which would help replace lost water with fresh water. This process works greatly for me when I am preparing for a drug test.

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